At Ace + Jet our artisans weave their magic on 3 different types of leather. Each has their own beautiful and unique characteristics and different ways to care for them.

Leather is a raw material where no two hides are the same. Each hide is hand tanned by local Indonesian artisan families. As this is a natural process, there can be a variance in colourings and texture to the leather in different batches. We think that this makes our bags unique and special.


Has incredible durability, appearance and texture. While it is tough, it does break-in easily creating a beautiful worn look. It is a material whose appearance improves with age, it is also more resistant to water and dirt than other types of leathers. We recommend spraying with a leather protectant prior to using it.

Goat skin

Has many of the same features of bovine leather, in being strong, durable and with a smooth, pebble-stone like texture. The difference is that goat skin is slightly softer and lightweight and some say even tougher and more water resistant than cow leather. It is therefore one of the champion leathers and a go-to leather for some designers. It is more pliable, easier to fold and pleat than its tougher cow leather counterpart. It can therefore be used for more creative design features in high-end leather bags. We recommend spraying the leather with a waterproof leather protectant.

Sheep skin

Shares many of the same qualities as goat skin in that it is also pliable, soft and durable. The lanolin in the skin is what makes it luxurious and soft to the touch. Together with goat skin, sheep and lamb skin are finer grain leathers and not as thick as cow leather. Similarly, it is also lightweight and supple enough for pleating and folding. It does however have a tendency to stretch over time. For this reason we recommend not hanging your leather bag but storing it in it's dust proof bag. If you get the bag wet for any reason never use a blowdryer or apply any heat as this can ruin this delicate leather.