Founded in Sydney, Australia by Lisa a mum of 2, Ace and Jet is a brand built from humble beginnings. The name was inspired by her 2 gorgeous sons and was created with a vision to create functional, classic and affordable handmade piece that couldn't be found in Australia. From here Ace and Jet was born.


With so many fashion pieces these days being churned out of a factory and machine made on a huge scale with a lack of soul, with Ace and Jet the focus instead is on creating beautiful pieces that are hand made with skill and passion.

Having traveled to Bali, Indonesia many times since she was 18 and having had custom bags handmade for her over the years, Lisa knew this was exactly where she needed to turn when launching Ace and Jet. Bali has a rich eco-system of leather manufacturers, artisans and craftsmen, and these experts are able to manipulate this versatile material into something truly special and one of a kind.