Ace + Jet

Harlow (Seconds)

$83.40 $139

This item is a Seconds Sale product and cannot be returned. It may present some of the characteristics listed below. 

The existing returns and exchanges conditions and warranty are NOT applied to items purchased in a “Seconds Sale”. These items cannot be returned for any reason. These items are classified as seconds due to not passing our high quality control standards. We are highly selective of the quality of our products and maintain a high standard for our brand, therefore the seconds products can have one of the following faults:

• leather marks in general

• slight stitching issues

• crooked logo

• crooked shape

• missing or faulty studs

• faulty rivets

• faulty lining

• faulty hardware or frame 

Please note that no photos will be provided for each product and It is the customer's risk and responsibility.

 Care Instructions

When not in use store your bag in a cool dry place in it's protective dust bag to protect it. Do not hang or stack your handbags. Place each bag upright or flat and unstacked. Hanging your leather bags will stretch the handles and cause unnecessary stretch and wear and tear on them.

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